A Private Equity Firm managed with the purpose of implementing a sociological approach to entrepreneurship and business development.

Our Team

BREAUX and Company has assembled a team of undeniable heavy-hitters – from Ivy league graduates to certified herbalists. We appreciate diverse perspectives as they fortify our ability to sidestep obstacles and get straight to the bottom lines – impact and profit.

Our Commitment

We are committed to developing and investing in solutions to social problems. By unapologetically building sustainable enterprises – BREAUX and Company is breaking the mold of “impact after profit” and proving commerce, capital leverage, and care can coexist.

Our Vision

The founders of BREAUX and Company envision a world where Black innovators using business models to intentionally improve the collective welfare of Black communities is the norm rather than the outlier. BREAUX and Company is an active channel to this vision.

A Glimpse Of Our Ambition


Building Businesses For Impact

Sociology is the study of how various groups of people interact. Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of many corporate conversations, as a way to avoid social backlash and tap into new markets. BREAUX and Company’s founding team is ushering in a new-age of business development that frames societal challenges as economic opportunities. Finance, Education, and Tech are already being impacted by the BREAUX and Company Family.


Utilizing a combination of strict business science and a desire to improve the world in which people of color live, BREAUX and Company operates a portfolio of wholly owned companies in combination with majority and minority ownership stakes in non-venture capital funded businesses. These businesses span fundamental industries directly impacting marginalized communities including financial services, education, talent/recruitment, and marketing.
BREAUX Capital is the world’s first cooperatively owned and operated financial technology and services company; founded as a sustainable solution to redirect the financial, human, intellectual, cultural, and social capital of black millennials.
Million Dollar Scholar is an education technology company that offers a web-based platform and curated content to schools and parents to help their students win scholarships and avoid higher education debt.
TechGroove is the first innovation and technology festival built to connect underrepresented students and urban professionals to career opportunities within tech-based companies that are focused on promoting workforce diversity and inclusivity.
DQ and Partners is a boutique website design and brand strategy consultancy that collaborates with early and mid-stage companies to develop their brand identities, websites, business models, and customer acquisition channels.


From Harlem drug kingpins to championship NBA teams, all organizations that stand the test of time are built as families and not simply companies. BREAUX (pronounced – Bro) deploys a family-centered approach to business, ensuring that solid organizations will manifest outsized impacts.

Leverage Capital

Capital is more than money. When people work together; their expertise, experiences, and economics can be used to achieve multiples of what any individual can achieve alone.

Cash Is Queen

BREAUX and Company understands customers (revenue) are key. Great ideas come a dime a dozen, what separates your success from “should’ve been” is your ability to create product-market fit.

Science + Math

Mathematics & Science – we believe in the simplicity of revenue generation. BREAUX and Company takes the mystery out of building successful businesses without OPM (Other People’s Money).

Put Ya Money Up

For us, equity is paramount in business because trust is essential. We want to build sustainable businesses that change lives of color – not just quickly flip our investments.


We are intellectually critical creatives that aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We are inspired by everything from professional sports, global policies, social justice, and popular culture. We are not afraid to reimagine a more perfect world and build solutions for its manifestation.

Collective Economics

Community-centered design is in the cultural DNA of African people. BREAUX and Company is simply making modern what has already been proven to work.

Behavioral Economics

Changing the world starts with the changing the choices made by individual people. BREAUX and Company uses behavioral science research to facilitate healthier choices in the marketplace.

Value > Noise

New-age thinkers call it abundance, BREAUX and Company calls it an organic opportunity. Our family of companies specialize in delivering impeccable value to everyday people.

We Different

We are doing away with respectability politics that often stifle collaboration and trust. We are a collective of millennials changing the way Black business is done. Our money. Our way.


Let’s build businesses that will change the course of our narrative. Reach out to us to learn more about opportunities with BREAUX and Company.

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